Black Friday - Cyber Monday Holiday Sale 15-20% off Entire Boutique!

Bows, beanies, clippies, afghans, tutus, and more!
Black Friday November 27th through Cyber Monday November 30th, 15% off all tutus and 20% off everything else in the shop (before shipping & handling)!

Proceed through checkout and I will refund through your paypal account.
It's that easy! No crowds, no fighting for the best sale items!

I am also honoring these sales on custom requests! Simply convo me through http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/ and let me know what you are looking for. I will do my best to fill your custom order.

Happy Shopping and have a fun, safe, & blessed Holiday weekend.
Let the savings begin!
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HandmadeMN 3 Day Sale November 13-15 Minnesota Nice Just Got Nicer!

It's finally here! Over 40 of our team members are participating in this weekend's Holiday Sale, with in incredible array of great gifts just waiting for you.
The sale runs from today through Sunday. Here's a list of participating shops. Now get shopping!!

To see a store listing, click on the title or this link http://www.etsymn.blogspot.com/
Have a great handmade weekend!


Tutu Much Fun Making Tutus!

I have been having so much fun making tutus! Coming up with the color combinations or filling a custom order makes my day.
I still can't believe how popular they are for newborn and 1st year baby photos....and CUTE...
My 13 year old and two of her friends made themselves tutus for their Homecoming Football game. Talk about funky fun!
If you are interested in a custom tutu for Halloween,  you still have time to order.
Simply contact me through my boutique, http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/  and I will be happy to fill an order for you or give you a quote!


Facts About Snow Peas

I was searching for a pickled pea recipe that is as close to Grandma's as possible since I lost hers.
I stumbled upon this website and found it very fun & entertaining so I had to share it!
I had a lot of fun going through it, as I am a pea lover myself.

*attached with permission from the author


Keep Your Chins Up & A Smile On Your Face

Just because the economy is down right now, it doesn't give us an excuse to be down.

   I know, I know. Bills to pay, school clothes & supplies to buy, worries about where the next bag of groceries will come from. What can you do about it?
 Getting down, getting upset, talking negative and complaining about it will only hurt you and make you sick.
 Your attitude will make ALL the difference in this difficult time. Make sure you are taking time to take care of YOU.
 Get out and get some fresh air. Take a walk, walk the dog, take the kids out. Apply for heat and electric assistance if you haven't done that yet.

Go on line and get coupons for groceries. If you've never used them, now would be a good time to start. It's better to use a coupon & buy better & healthier foods & stop buying cheap packaged food that is loaded with preservatives, fats, & bad stuff. Even though it is cheaper, it is not in the long run. Buy fresh veggies and fruit from a local Farmers Markets (not the commercial ones that truck their produce in from different states).
 Cook at home. You will be shocked at how little a home cooked, fresh, healthy meal can cost to make at home.

Even though you may be out of a job, it is a great time to open roads of opportunity. Network. Ask others that are out of work what they are doing and what is working for them. Lots of people = lots of ideas.
  If you need something...send out an email asking if anyone has it to spare or if they are getting rid of it/one. You say that is hard to do? Not after the first time (I've asked family for tube hangers, a blanket, and a winter coat and got all 3)! In fact, it will quickly make you realize how wasteful us Americans are and just how spoiled we are. Yes, I said that.
 Even though you are struggling, make an effort every day to be a Nike, "just do it". Anything. Something. Volunteer. Go visit people. Walk, play in the yard, or read a book from cover to cover. Go give blood/plasma (you get paid for that), take a shift at the library, watch a friends child so your friends can have a date night and vise versa.

 No matter what, keep your chin up and a smile on your face. Yes, no matter how bad things seem you have a lot of control in how it all plays out. Also know that you can always be much worse off.

Monster Mash Halloween

Shame on me!
School hasn't even started and I am as guilty as the retailers of rushing the holidays....by 2.25 mos!
MY bad. I couldn't resist.
I got on the stick and ordered Halloween ribbon far enough in advance that I got some (newbies learn the hard way!).
I received my ribbon order and put together the Monster Mash Bow out of curiosity. I knew it would be adorable but look at this! I just love the ribbon & bold colors. Now I only wish I had ordered more. Enough for more than just two of these.
Posted here for your viewing pleasure...let me know what you think. Keep on crafting and Yay for HANDMADE!


I'm making tutus!

Yay! I'm doing the happy dance!
I have my first tutu made and ready to put in my little boutique!
These tutu cute tutus are made to order and can be made in any child size. Depending on how I do with the sales, I may expand into larger sizes.

Simple to order! Go to http://www.LollyBopBaby.etsy.com. Click on "contact seller/LollyBopBaby". Leave me a note!
What I need: waist measurement, 2 color choices for tutu, and when you require to have it in your hands.
 I need a two week notice right now to make & ship your order.
You pay shipping.

 For more information or more specifics, please contact me through my Lolly Bop Baby site and we will gab about it.

8/26/09 Update. This pictured tutu was sold and was shipped to Budapest, Hungary today. I thought that was pretty neat so I wanted to share!


July is coming to a close

Seems like it was the first day of summer only a few weeks ago and there's only 6 weeks left until the first day of school! I have been so busy the last few months trying to figure out how to network and get my on line shop name "out there" & pick up some biz. It sure isn't & hasn't been easy, exactly as I was told. However, my passion for what I do far outweighs the trials, costs, setbacks, and frustration of trying to sell your own product and name. There are also payoffs even before the money starts coming in. Most of that is being able to be here for the kids, especially in the summer. Nothing can take the place of being your own kids mom! I've wondered for years what it would be like to "make it" doing my craft, making quality products that last, are made by hand, made in the USA, and support a hard working single mother. I admire all of you SAHMs as well as you crafters that are doing and attempting to do the same. Hats off to handmade, all the love sweat and tears that go into our craft, determination , talent, and the time & heart it takes to do all of it! Have a great weekend!


Juicy Watermelon Baby Beanie

I have been wanting to make this beanie since last summer!
I think it turned out really cute & have almost finished my second in a larger size, 6-12 mo.
Watermelon is one of my favorites in the summer.
This beanie is baby size approx 3-6 mos and can be ordered through my etsy handmade store.
Please visit http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/ to see this and other adorable baby items/gifts.


Star Gazer Lilies ~ Ready Set.... Bloom!

A true example of Nature at her finest!
Each spring these lilies multiply 3-fold and I can't wait to see them start bursting open. I'm not sure which are the Star Gazers or if all of them are but they are all beauties. The deep dark orange is first this year, starting to open on the 2nd day of (official) summer in the 90* humid heat. I am excited to share the pictures with you and not hog their beauty all to myself. This is just the beginning. I believe I also have white & pink in the same bed. Enjoy!


Free Pattern Sites

I have spent quite a bit of my computer life in and on free pattern sites.
There are an endless number of them out there. Most are easy to navigate.
Some sites ask you to "join" or "sign up".
There are also quite a few sites that you don't have to enter any information to get the patterns.
It's like a clearance rack in ways...keep looking, you will find great patterns here and there hidden among the rest of them.
Here is one that I like, http://www.free-crochet.com/ It is easy to maneuver around in and has some nice patterns.
There are additional tabs that you can check out too.


Etsy Yart Sale June 10th - 14th. Handmade Deals for Everyone!

June 10th - 14th, 2009
What it is: A huge collection of etsy crafters, vintage, & supply sellers that offer great deals, coupons, free shipping, or other deals in their Etsy shops.
In my handmade shop you will find a baby & children's boutique where I make all of the items myself in my home studio.
I specialize in Beanies & Bows, Flower Clips, Clippies, Baby & Child Afghans, & Christmas or Gift Stockings.
My YART SALE special:
June 10th - 14th, all afghans & blankets in my shop, http://LollyBopBaby.etsy.com will be discounted 15%.
The discount will be refunded through PayPal once checkout is complete. It's that simple!
So grab a beverage and let's shop!


Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum, Minneapolis

Ok, ok. On a rare occasion, I do get out to do something other than yard design, eat, sleep, and crochet! On Sunday, my daughter turned 13. She is a HUGE fan of Phantom of the Opera and has a couple of CD's and Two movies. She can also sing every song. Yes, word for word. She has been singing these songs for years and has an angelic voice. Her dad and I took her to the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis on her big day of becoming a teenager. She picked balcony seats and we had a terrific view. What a grand day we had! The performance was beautiful and unforgettable, especially for my daughter who counted the days until we went. Absolutely loved it.


Giant Poppies in bloom!

I've got 3 poppies open!
These beauties are huge!
The measure approx 5" across and are absolutely beautiful.


Cutest Baby Converse High Tops Around

The tiny high tops are adorable.
Add the graffiti, the bright ribbon laces, the paint can and brush charms (look closely!) and you have the cutest, hippest, one of a kind pair of baby high tops in the neighborhood!
This pair of tennies are size 3.
A "must have" for any stylin' fashionista, tomboy, or "all boy" cutie.

Giant Poppies...had to share!

About 4 years ago, my mom gave me a "giant" poppy.
We share our plants and help each other that way with our gardens.
Mom and I both have beautiful flower beds with so many varieties of flowers that we sometimes need to look up a few names.
I have planted and transplanted this main poppy plant I think 3x now.
Last year, it grew to an amazing 3+ feet high and had flowers as big as the palm of my hands.
My poppy plant produces deep dark orange crepe paper like flowers with black centers. I also have peach but they are smaller.
This spring, the plant didn't get to the 3' height, but I moved it again last fall. Even though it is shorter in height, it has doubled in fullness and it looks by the size of the bud heads that the flowers will be impressive again this year.
This is them now. The pods measure approx 1.5" - 1.75" long in size.
I will take another picture for you when they start to open. I can't wait!


Wasted Talent? Check Out My Duck Prints

I just ran across these two paintings that I did while still in high school. I drew them from pictures in magazines & painted them with watercolors. I never did anything with them but keep them under my bed. The mallard print has some rips and tears now. Since I have never shared them with anyone, I decided to show them here. They are getting old and it would be a shame if no one ever saw them. If we don't meet up again before next week, have a safe & blessed Holiday weekend!


I Am Stuck On Handmade Wash Cloths!

My Grandmother made kitchen "rags" as they were called in the ol' days. I didn't remember that until now that I am writing about them.
My linen closet is full of cotton wash cloths. So is a kitchen drawer.
For some reason, even though I have soft water, regular wash cloths get stiff in the laundry process. Not the towels or anything else, just the terry wash cloths.
The 100% wash cloths that I make don't do that and I use them in the kitchen as well as in the shower. I love them! I won't give them up! They ARE all they are said to be and if you haven't yet, I challenge you to try just one and see what you think.
My teenager also used them. She has her own colors that she likes so hers are hers and mine are mine.
I can and will make them larger or smaller for you, if you have a custom request, please let me know. If you are a soap seller and want several, I will do that too! These would make an awesome going to college gift as well as a moving out, wedding, or Father's Day gift. I also make them for baby, in baby colors and for holidays in holiday colors. Lot's of colors to choose from.


Current Afghan Under Construction

This crib, baby seat, car seat or stroller afghan is taking awhile to construct. Since it's planting season, I'm torn between inside and outside play (flowers or crocheting). Seems the answer would be easy. Most days it is. Who in her right mind wouldn't choose to be outside in this fresh, warm, bright spring air? There is only one problem with that choice and you know what it is if you are currently looking for work. Playing outside costs you money (flowers, veggie seeds, weed & feed, bird seed, etc...) Playing inside can potentially make you money (& if you are like me, you are trying to make at least enough to cover the cost of yarn, ribbon, and supplies). Ok. I put 1 1/2 rows on this pretty pink number. Now it's time to go outside. That was easy! Have a blessed day, jillian http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/


"Angel" ~*~ Happy Mother's Day ~*~

A Newborn's Conversation with God A baby asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?"
God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you." The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy."
God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy." Again the small child asked, "And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?"
God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak." "And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?"
God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray." "Who will protect me?"
God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life." "But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore."
God said, "Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you." At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel's name."
God said, You will simply call her, "Mom."

My Craft Room Is A Hot Mess!

As my yarn pile (and I literally mean pile!) gets larger my studio seems to get smaller. The yarn is spreading out across the floor because I can't stack it any higher and I am realizing that the only way I am going to "fix it" is to post a picture of the hot mess & embarrass myself into doing something about it. It isn't that I'm a slob. I want to organize my yarn. I just don't know what kind of organizing to do! If I get stacking bins or more laundry baskets that have any depth to them, I will have to dig through it every time I need a ball or skein. I can't get shelving, I need an edge to contain the balls. I am thinking about those kids room organizer vertical tubs that aren't so big that I have to go on a ball hunt when I need one... but not sure yet if THAT is what I want. I also don't want to invest the money in something I will want to get rid of in a few months. I would also be stuck with a stack of blue, green, and yellow, or pink, purple, and white. I have a yellow studio. So. Do any of you have an idea for me? I could do some shelving with some clear bins....hey, that is a great idea! Thinking out loud here.... hmmmm. Maybe I will head back out into the yard and craft in my flowers while I ponder the issue. Have a blessed day!


Happy Mother's Day

Have a blessed day A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. Tenneva Jordan


Promoting another handmade shop

I am a huge fan of handmade. I am also a huge fan of people succeeding in what they do, especially if they put their heart into it and give it all they've got. Here is another etsy shop (sidebar) that I love. Heartsabustin has done some custom work for me and has 100% record of satisfied customers! Check out her shop and give her some love! Be blessed and have a great day, jalene


Handmade Baby Afghan in Bernat* Mint Green

I will be adding this afghan to my little handmade baby & children's boutique on a made to order basis. You choose the color either in baby Bernat, or Red Heart acrylic yarn. Perfect to welcome baby home from the hospital, baby shower, or just because! A handmade gift will be a cherished heirloom for years to come.

Crochet Magazines

I am on the hunt for a good....no, great crochet magazine to subscribe to. When I am in a bookstore or any store that sells magazines, I see loads of scrapbooking, knitting, landscaping, and DIY publications...but either no or one crocheting magazine. I am going to be searching the web today for that one magazine that I will subscribe to and will be sharing all kinds of crochet news, tips, patterns, and how to's with all of you. Stay tuned. My to do list for today includes moving plants in the yard, buying yarn, & mailing a box to my expecting nephew & his lovely lady in AK with a (of course!) handmade baby afghan.


Enjoy Some Handmade Love!

I love handmade!
I'm sorry but in the world today too many things are not made to last and end up in landfills.
There are so many reasons to buy handmade! The love and time alone that goes into each crafter's piece speaks for itself. Many handmade artists will never be paid for their time crafting the item but when you are passionate about what you do, it is worth every hour put into it.
Etsy is a "one stop shop" from crafters all over the world. Yes, I said WORLD. The talent displayed by these crafters is simply unbelievable to put it short and sweet.
One of the beauties of a handmade shop is that if you don't see exactly what you want, maybe style, size, or color, you can request what you have in mind. How neat is that?
I am going to be putting a few shops in on my sidebar so take a peek-see. You will become an instant fan, I guarantee it.
Have a blessed day!


Crochet Leaf Lovie

This is so cute that I couldn't resist sharing it with you.
When I saw the pattern for this adorable doll, I printed it and made it.
I am going to make several in different colors and also in a smaller version for gifts.
Notice the curly Q attached to the top...it's hard to see amongst the leaves.
Let me know what you think about my Leaf Lovie :)


Quick Coffee Cozy free pattern

Today I am working on a baby afghan for my great nephew who is due on May 10th in Anchorage, Alaska. I am approx 1/3 of the way done and hoping to finish by Wednesday so I can get it sent to my sister for baby moms baby shower. Here is a coffee cozy (with a little ruffle action) pattern I found that is really cute and easy to whip up if you are looking for something cute and simple. It looks better in person than on the screen, in case you are wondering.


Setting up my blog and Tweeting tonight

5 hours later, I can barely think straight, stay awake and am stiff as a board.
I need a massage and a foot rub...tomorrow is Sunday so I won't get a professional anything... Might as well do more yard work. Oh well, no rest for the .... "wicked" is it?
Anyway... kinda sorta got the blog set up for blogging. I haven't blogged on Blogger for 11 mos! Wow, time really DOES fly!
Off to bed I go. Maybe I will "officially" get this beast off the ground tomorrow. Maybe Monday. Hmmmm
Be blessed and thank you for stopping by to say "hey"!