My Craft Room Is A Hot Mess!

As my yarn pile (and I literally mean pile!) gets larger my studio seems to get smaller. The yarn is spreading out across the floor because I can't stack it any higher and I am realizing that the only way I am going to "fix it" is to post a picture of the hot mess & embarrass myself into doing something about it. It isn't that I'm a slob. I want to organize my yarn. I just don't know what kind of organizing to do! If I get stacking bins or more laundry baskets that have any depth to them, I will have to dig through it every time I need a ball or skein. I can't get shelving, I need an edge to contain the balls. I am thinking about those kids room organizer vertical tubs that aren't so big that I have to go on a ball hunt when I need one... but not sure yet if THAT is what I want. I also don't want to invest the money in something I will want to get rid of in a few months. I would also be stuck with a stack of blue, green, and yellow, or pink, purple, and white. I have a yellow studio. So. Do any of you have an idea for me? I could do some shelving with some clear bins....hey, that is a great idea! Thinking out loud here.... hmmmm. Maybe I will head back out into the yard and craft in my flowers while I ponder the issue. Have a blessed day!

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Heartsabustin said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one with this problem! I need all my stuff - sewing and jewelry - in one room instead of three! LOL Good luck on your storage hunt!