Giant Poppies...had to share!

About 4 years ago, my mom gave me a "giant" poppy.
We share our plants and help each other that way with our gardens.
Mom and I both have beautiful flower beds with so many varieties of flowers that we sometimes need to look up a few names.
I have planted and transplanted this main poppy plant I think 3x now.
Last year, it grew to an amazing 3+ feet high and had flowers as big as the palm of my hands.
My poppy plant produces deep dark orange crepe paper like flowers with black centers. I also have peach but they are smaller.
This spring, the plant didn't get to the 3' height, but I moved it again last fall. Even though it is shorter in height, it has doubled in fullness and it looks by the size of the bud heads that the flowers will be impressive again this year.
This is them now. The pods measure approx 1.5" - 1.75" long in size.
I will take another picture for you when they start to open. I can't wait!

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