Star Gazer Lilies ~ Ready Set.... Bloom!

A true example of Nature at her finest!
Each spring these lilies multiply 3-fold and I can't wait to see them start bursting open. I'm not sure which are the Star Gazers or if all of them are but they are all beauties. The deep dark orange is first this year, starting to open on the 2nd day of (official) summer in the 90* humid heat. I am excited to share the pictures with you and not hog their beauty all to myself. This is just the beginning. I believe I also have white & pink in the same bed. Enjoy!


Free Pattern Sites

I have spent quite a bit of my computer life in and on free pattern sites.
There are an endless number of them out there. Most are easy to navigate.
Some sites ask you to "join" or "sign up".
There are also quite a few sites that you don't have to enter any information to get the patterns.
It's like a clearance rack in ways...keep looking, you will find great patterns here and there hidden among the rest of them.
Here is one that I like, http://www.free-crochet.com/ It is easy to maneuver around in and has some nice patterns.
There are additional tabs that you can check out too.


Etsy Yart Sale June 10th - 14th. Handmade Deals for Everyone!

June 10th - 14th, 2009
What it is: A huge collection of etsy crafters, vintage, & supply sellers that offer great deals, coupons, free shipping, or other deals in their Etsy shops.
In my handmade shop you will find a baby & children's boutique where I make all of the items myself in my home studio.
I specialize in Beanies & Bows, Flower Clips, Clippies, Baby & Child Afghans, & Christmas or Gift Stockings.
My YART SALE special:
June 10th - 14th, all afghans & blankets in my shop, http://LollyBopBaby.etsy.com will be discounted 15%.
The discount will be refunded through PayPal once checkout is complete. It's that simple!
So grab a beverage and let's shop!


Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum, Minneapolis

Ok, ok. On a rare occasion, I do get out to do something other than yard design, eat, sleep, and crochet! On Sunday, my daughter turned 13. She is a HUGE fan of Phantom of the Opera and has a couple of CD's and Two movies. She can also sing every song. Yes, word for word. She has been singing these songs for years and has an angelic voice. Her dad and I took her to the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis on her big day of becoming a teenager. She picked balcony seats and we had a terrific view. What a grand day we had! The performance was beautiful and unforgettable, especially for my daughter who counted the days until we went. Absolutely loved it.


Giant Poppies in bloom!

I've got 3 poppies open!
These beauties are huge!
The measure approx 5" across and are absolutely beautiful.