Spring is upon us & I'm inspired!

I've been 'tucked away' for awhile and I don't have a great excuse ...
It is now April 16th. Yes time does fly.
We had snow last night but the birds don't mind, they're out there jabbering away at each other ... maybe staking a claim to one of the several houses my neighbor has posted next door.

While I was away, I've been creating more photo prop items for my shop, http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/ and spending time bonding with my family.

While I listen to the Allison & Alexix on the Shop Girls,  http://mytalk1071.com/shows/shopgirls My Talk Radio, I'll be sipping on my cuppa joe and listing a wool/acrylic photo prop beanie in my shop.
Then I will be teetering back and forth between my teen & more creating.


As I sign off, I'm leaving you with great big Minnesota Nice hugs and best wishes for an accomplished wonderful Saturday!

Be blessed


Look What I've Been Up To

I have been having so much fun over the last several weeks creating, that I have neglected my blogging. My bad.

Since we last visited, I have learned (again) to knit. I've mastered the simple beanie and some embellished beanies.
I've done pretty well with adding colors too (yippie!).

I feel so accomplished, like a kid that has just learned to tie her shoes or dress herself.

I've also been making tutus and just finished an order for a dance studio in Texas for a group of girls who are having a recital in February.  What fun when I got that request!

I truely feel blessed to be creating for my customers.
As some of you know, I have been out of a job for approx 2 yrs and this is my only income for now. So thank you all for reading my blog, passing my shop link along, and for your support.
I cherish you and am also thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love.

 Elfin Beanie
     Pink Ribbon Beanie


Black Friday - Cyber Monday Holiday Sale 15-20% off Entire Boutique!

Bows, beanies, clippies, afghans, tutus, and more!
Black Friday November 27th through Cyber Monday November 30th, 15% off all tutus and 20% off everything else in the shop (before shipping & handling)!

Proceed through checkout and I will refund through your paypal account.
It's that easy! No crowds, no fighting for the best sale items!

I am also honoring these sales on custom requests! Simply convo me through http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/ and let me know what you are looking for. I will do my best to fill your custom order.

Happy Shopping and have a fun, safe, & blessed Holiday weekend.
Let the savings begin!
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HandmadeMN 3 Day Sale November 13-15 Minnesota Nice Just Got Nicer!

It's finally here! Over 40 of our team members are participating in this weekend's Holiday Sale, with in incredible array of great gifts just waiting for you.
The sale runs from today through Sunday. Here's a list of participating shops. Now get shopping!!

To see a store listing, click on the title or this link http://www.etsymn.blogspot.com/
Have a great handmade weekend!


Tutu Much Fun Making Tutus!

I have been having so much fun making tutus! Coming up with the color combinations or filling a custom order makes my day.
I still can't believe how popular they are for newborn and 1st year baby photos....and CUTE...
My 13 year old and two of her friends made themselves tutus for their Homecoming Football game. Talk about funky fun!
If you are interested in a custom tutu for Halloween,  you still have time to order.
Simply contact me through my boutique, http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/  and I will be happy to fill an order for you or give you a quote!


Facts About Snow Peas

I was searching for a pickled pea recipe that is as close to Grandma's as possible since I lost hers.
I stumbled upon this website and found it very fun & entertaining so I had to share it!
I had a lot of fun going through it, as I am a pea lover myself.

*attached with permission from the author


Keep Your Chins Up & A Smile On Your Face

Just because the economy is down right now, it doesn't give us an excuse to be down.

   I know, I know. Bills to pay, school clothes & supplies to buy, worries about where the next bag of groceries will come from. What can you do about it?
 Getting down, getting upset, talking negative and complaining about it will only hurt you and make you sick.
 Your attitude will make ALL the difference in this difficult time. Make sure you are taking time to take care of YOU.
 Get out and get some fresh air. Take a walk, walk the dog, take the kids out. Apply for heat and electric assistance if you haven't done that yet.

Go on line and get coupons for groceries. If you've never used them, now would be a good time to start. It's better to use a coupon & buy better & healthier foods & stop buying cheap packaged food that is loaded with preservatives, fats, & bad stuff. Even though it is cheaper, it is not in the long run. Buy fresh veggies and fruit from a local Farmers Markets (not the commercial ones that truck their produce in from different states).
 Cook at home. You will be shocked at how little a home cooked, fresh, healthy meal can cost to make at home.

Even though you may be out of a job, it is a great time to open roads of opportunity. Network. Ask others that are out of work what they are doing and what is working for them. Lots of people = lots of ideas.
  If you need something...send out an email asking if anyone has it to spare or if they are getting rid of it/one. You say that is hard to do? Not after the first time (I've asked family for tube hangers, a blanket, and a winter coat and got all 3)! In fact, it will quickly make you realize how wasteful us Americans are and just how spoiled we are. Yes, I said that.
 Even though you are struggling, make an effort every day to be a Nike, "just do it". Anything. Something. Volunteer. Go visit people. Walk, play in the yard, or read a book from cover to cover. Go give blood/plasma (you get paid for that), take a shift at the library, watch a friends child so your friends can have a date night and vise versa.

 No matter what, keep your chin up and a smile on your face. Yes, no matter how bad things seem you have a lot of control in how it all plays out. Also know that you can always be much worse off.