I Am Stuck On Handmade Wash Cloths!

My Grandmother made kitchen "rags" as they were called in the ol' days. I didn't remember that until now that I am writing about them.
My linen closet is full of cotton wash cloths. So is a kitchen drawer.
For some reason, even though I have soft water, regular wash cloths get stiff in the laundry process. Not the towels or anything else, just the terry wash cloths.
The 100% wash cloths that I make don't do that and I use them in the kitchen as well as in the shower. I love them! I won't give them up! They ARE all they are said to be and if you haven't yet, I challenge you to try just one and see what you think.
My teenager also used them. She has her own colors that she likes so hers are hers and mine are mine.
I can and will make them larger or smaller for you, if you have a custom request, please let me know. If you are a soap seller and want several, I will do that too! These would make an awesome going to college gift as well as a moving out, wedding, or Father's Day gift. I also make them for baby, in baby colors and for holidays in holiday colors. Lot's of colors to choose from.

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