Current Afghan Under Construction

This crib, baby seat, car seat or stroller afghan is taking awhile to construct. Since it's planting season, I'm torn between inside and outside play (flowers or crocheting). Seems the answer would be easy. Most days it is. Who in her right mind wouldn't choose to be outside in this fresh, warm, bright spring air? There is only one problem with that choice and you know what it is if you are currently looking for work. Playing outside costs you money (flowers, veggie seeds, weed & feed, bird seed, etc...) Playing inside can potentially make you money (& if you are like me, you are trying to make at least enough to cover the cost of yarn, ribbon, and supplies). Ok. I put 1 1/2 rows on this pretty pink number. Now it's time to go outside. That was easy! Have a blessed day, jillian http://www.lollybopbaby.etsy.com/

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Heartsabustin said...

I LOVE that yarn. It's gonna be so pretty! Have fun outside - it's too wet here to play outside right now! :(