I'm making tutus!

Yay! I'm doing the happy dance!
I have my first tutu made and ready to put in my little boutique!
These tutu cute tutus are made to order and can be made in any child size. Depending on how I do with the sales, I may expand into larger sizes.

Simple to order! Go to http://www.LollyBopBaby.etsy.com. Click on "contact seller/LollyBopBaby". Leave me a note!
What I need: waist measurement, 2 color choices for tutu, and when you require to have it in your hands.
 I need a two week notice right now to make & ship your order.
You pay shipping.

 For more information or more specifics, please contact me through my Lolly Bop Baby site and we will gab about it.

8/26/09 Update. This pictured tutu was sold and was shipped to Budapest, Hungary today. I thought that was pretty neat so I wanted to share!


gauci123 said...

really cute

Jillian said...

thank you gauci123!